Midlands Governor Compensates Family Of MDC Slain Activist

Moses Chokuda was murdered by the Governor’s son and three others, Abel Maposa and brothers Edmore and Bothwel Gana. Chokuda’s body had been lying in a mortuary for the past four years as the family refused to bury him demanding justice. Following the compensation the family will now bury their son at Chipere village in Gokwe on Saturday, according to an MDC-T statement.

The courts found the four men accused of murdering Chokuda guilty and sentenced them 18 years each in jail.

“The burial of Chokuda also follows compensation of 20 herd of cattle and US$15 000 by Jason Machaya to the Chokuda family.  The Machaya family requested Chief Njelele to be their negotiator,” the MDC confirmed in a statement.

After the High Court conviction, the Chokuda family claims that the police attempted to force them to bury their son but to no avail. The family insisted that they wanted compensation first before they buried the late MDC youth member.

Chokuda was 25 at the time of his death.