Midlands Governor In Negotiation For Compensation of Murdered MDC Man

The family of Moses Chokuda murdered in March 2009 refused to bury their son until justice prevail. His body is still in the police metallic coffin at Gokwe hospital.

Farai, Abel Maphosa and brothers Edmore and Bothwell Gana were last month sentenced by the High court to 18years to jail for the murder. The Chokuda family refused to bury their son after the sentence demanding traditional compensation.

Tavengwa Chokuda, the father of the deceased, told Radio VOP that Machaya had asked to engage with him at Chief Moses Njelele’s court.

“We are at the chief’s court and Machaya has said he is willing to compensate,” Tavengwa told Radio VOP on Thursday. Chief Moses Njelele confirmed to Radio VOP that he was presiding over the case. “I am presiding over the Chokuda issue so that at least the two families solve their feud to enable the burial of Chokuda,”he said.  “We started negotiations Thursday and we have not been able to reach an agreement and we are continuing today (Friday) ,” Chief Njelele added.

The Chief also said that while the Chokuda family wants every family of those convicted of the murder of Moses to compensate him, Machaya wanted to shoulder the burden of everyone. “The Machaya’s are keen on shouldering the burden on their own to compensate the Chokuda’s. He said it was his reputation at stake as the media always
made reference to him mostly when covering the story,” Chief Njelele explained. 

The Chokuda family has promised that once compensation has been made, it will bury its son who was the family’s bread winner.