Midlands Residents Doubt Implementation Of The MTP

The Medium Term Plan seeks to create inclusive growth, human centered development, transformation and poverty reduction.

Among other objectives the plan also seeks to achieve broad based growth, increase economic empowerment, create decent jobs and improve the economic and social well being of the people of Zimbabwe.

Speaking at the launch Agrippa Masocha highlighted that it was the Zimbabwe’s government norm to come up with excellent polices but let them die a natural death as politics tend to supersede economic growth and improvement of the welfare of the people.

He said “I will liken the writing of the policy to the building of an arch but the issue is whether you will be able to drive all the animals into this arch. We have had well written policies in Zimbabwe that would have turned around the fortunes of this country but were never implemented hence it remains to be seen whether this will happen or such a good proposal will again die a natural death.”

Others said poverty reduction and economic growth would only be possible if people become well resourced financially and if the government policies are not at variance.

“Those in Mining and Agriculture and other strategic sectors need to be financially assisted so that they acquire the required machines in line with technological advancement.

“Government also needs to speak from one book. We are worried about the contradictory policies that have always had a negative impact to our moving Zimbabwe forward in the economic ladder so we urge the inclusive government to fully implement the strategic development plan,” said Isaac Mwamutsa.

Chief Bvute from Mberengwa added that the government lacked the will to change the fortunes of Zimbabwe as they fail to implement policies that they come up with.

 “We have been told that communities need to benefit from what they own but this is just mere talk. We have a lot of mines in Mberengwa so many of them but the Mberengwa people become poorer and poorer as foreigners are the ones that are given the mining claims at the expense of us.

“These foreigners are just interested in looting away our minerals and leave a destroyed environment for us. We ask when this shall come to an end,” the chief fumed.

However Minister Tapiwa Mashakada acknowledged the contributions made by the Midlanders and said the government would address these issues.

“As government we are committed to fully implement the MTP and we shall fully exploit and beneficiate our natural resources and transform Zimbabwe from a mere producer of primary products to a developed country producing diverse and competitively priced
manufactured products. We will endeavor to provide the resources to enable the reduction of poverty,” he said.