Midzi Died Of Poisoning-Post Mortem

Ousted Zanu PF Harare Provincial Chairman and Epworth constituency legislator,  Amos Midzi died of marked Pulmonary Oedema due to poisoning.

This was revealed by results of a post mortem performed by three independent doctors as part of ongoing investigations into Midzi’s death.

Police spokesperson, Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba said further samples have been submitted to the Government Analyst for additional tests.

Medical experts say Pulmonary Oedema is a condition caused by excess fluid in the lungs.

This fluid collects in the numerous air sacs in the lungs, making it difficult to breathe.

In most cases, heart problems cause Pulmonary Oedema, but fluid can accumulate due to other reasons, including pneumonia, exposure to certain toxins or poisons and medications, trauma to the chest wall, and exercising or living at high elevations.

Midzi’s body was found slumped between seats in his car with a bottle partially filled with Methamedaphos, commonly referred to as ‘bravo’ and used to control leaf miners in crops, Dormicum tablets and a bluish liquid in a cup.

Initial suspicions suggested the bluish liquid could have been a  herbicide or another pesticide.

There were no visible marks on his body suggesting there was no struggle.

A full scale investigation opened soon after  Midzi’s farm workers reported sighting his body in his car in what is suspected to be a suicide.

His close associates say Midzi was under pressure from debtors whom he owed large sums of money.

Investigations are continuing.