Mining Companies At War With Gwayi Council Over Licences

The Sub –Catchment council is accusing two of the five companies that were controversially licensed by the Ministry of Mines and Development to carry out coal mining activities in the Sinamatela area, which is located in the wildlife rich Hwange National Park.
One of the Mining company , Makomo Investment has also been accused  of polluting Lukosi river while the mining activities of the  other company,Liberation Mining is said to be threatening the Gwayi-Shangani dam which is being built within its vicinity.
The chairperson of the Gwayi Sub-Catchment Council and farmer Langton Masunda said the extraction of coal in the catchment area should not be allowed at it undermines national interests.

“ Liberation Mining should not be allowed to do any mining within the catchment area because doing so will be tantamount to pursuing individual interests against national interests .The dam is expected to play a pivotal role in turning around the country’s economy through tourism, agriculture and rural folks are expected to reap from it through activities such as fishing. The operations of these companies should be halted before it is too late, ” said
The catchment manager for the area, Fortune Musoni also echoed Masunda’s sentiments.

“ It has been proven beyond any doubt that anywhere where there is a mine, a water source is most likely to be polluted through sip page in the event of rains. We recently recommended that the companies should cease the operations in the area ” said Musoni.

Masunda accused the two companies of failing to possess an Environmental Impact Assessment certificate as per statutory requirements. Efforts to get a comment from the Mining companies involved were all in vein.