Minister Attacks Former Fugitive Zim Businessman

Mawere who is Zimbabwean by birth and now holds a South African citizenship returned in Zimbabwe last week after the Home Affairs ministry de-specified him and cancelled his warrant of arrest.

Mawere owned SMM through a consortium of companies before SMM was placed under the administration of Arafat Gwaradzimba after the government specified him.

Mawere who was a dual holder of a Zimbabwe and South African passport holder fled to South Africa in 2004 where he stayed when a warrant of arrest for him was issued.

After his de-specification and cancellation of his warrant of arrest Mawere has said he is working to retain control of his stake of SMM from government. The businessman has said he is in talks with government officials to regain his stake in SMM but Chinamasa in a statement released to the media said are no talks which are taking place.

“Accordingly, it is factually and legally wrong ,incorrect ,misleading and mischievous to suggest that Mawere owns and controls SMM and or its associate anyway,” Chinamasa said.

“The suggestions that Mr Mawere is a victim, and all of a sudden an angel, whilst demonising people properly acting in their official/professional capacities, are clearly unfortunate, unfounded and, indeed mischievous. However, this should not detract from the fact that Mawere is the author of his own problems (if he has any).

“Accordingly, the due process of the reconstruction of SMM should be allowed to run its course without due influence,” he said.

However, Mawere has argued in the past and until now that Chinamasa and Gwaradzimba partnered to wrestle his empire unlawfully from him.

Mawere’s return to Zimbabwe has been on the cards since his meeting President Robert Mugabe is South Africa early this year.

Mawere is reportedly working to regain control in SMM, Zimre, Turnwall, General Beltings, CFI, FSI Agricom, Firstel, Midsec Security and Schweppes Zimbabwe Limited.

Mawere together with several local business men, among others who include Mtuli Ncube who owned Barbican Holdings, ENG capitals director, Gilbert Muponda, and Nicholas Vingirai fled the country following what they said was a planned effort by Reserve Bank governor, Gideon Gono to have them jailed for crimes they never committed.

Chinamasa also said Mawere was using the media to cover for his corrupt practices.

“The suggestion that Mawere is a victim and all of a sudden an angel, whilst demonizing people properly acting in their official professional capacities is clearly unfortunate, unfounded and indeed mischievous. …Mawere is the author of his own problems. He has personalised issues which are legal and has decided to do so through the press when he has had his day in court and when the courts continue to be at his disposal,“ said Chinamasa.