Minister Cries After Receiving Mugabe Portrait

Mzembi shed tears at the 37th Africa Travel Association congress (ATA) here after receiving the portrait inscribed “Man of the Moment” from friends of Joshua Trust.

“To me it was like being presented a portrait of my own biological father. President Mugabe is an inspiration and hero to me. I have been blessed to work under him and talking to him often receiving direct wisdom and philosophy of the revolution and experience, a blessing that many will not experience,” said Mzembi in an interview.

Mzembi said he did not expect to be overcome by emotions saying the country will never be the same when founding father of the revolution…is no longer there.

“It is a blessing to live to experience such legacy. It is even sweeter to receive it directly from people like the president like I have experienced,” he said.

ATA Executive director, Edward Bergman, was presented with a portrait of King Lobengula, which he said he will present at the ATA headquarters in United States of America.

“It will remind me of the hospitality I received here (In Zimbabwe) and the people of Zimbabwe. It will always remind me of Zimbabwe and this congress,” he said.

The Turst also presented Vice President Joice Mujuru with a portrait of Mbuya Nehanda Nyakasikana.