Minister Makone blasts police, Kasukuwere

In what looked like a well coordinated assault on parliament, the Zanu PF mob severely assaulted MDC-T MP Brian Tshuma and journalists from the private media who were covering the public hearings into the proposed Human Rights Bill.

The thugs accused the journalists and the MPs of failing to sing the national anthem.

Makone told an MDC-T rally in Chitungwiza that police were very partisan and accused commanders of intimidating junior officers into avoiding cases involving MDC-T supporters.

“I am embarrassed that police have not arrested anyone after they disrupted business of the country’s highest law making body,” Makone said who is also chairperson of MDC-T’s women assembly.

She vowed to pursue the issue until justice was done even though Zanu PF supporters appeared to be above the law.

Makone also took a swipe at Youth Development, Indigenisation and Empowerment Minister Saviour Kasukuwere for threatening to seize foreign companies that failed to comply with the country’s empowerment laws.

The minister said Kasukuwere’s maneuvers were calculated to bring Zimbabwe’s fragile economy to its knees.

“That was never a cabinet decision,” Makone said. “We MDC ministers are saying to him, forget it we will never allow that to happen.

“You can talk all you want until your mouth goes aside.”

She said government must be considering helping indigenous owned banks which are facing operational constraints rather than taking over foreign owned ones.

Kasukuwere also clashed with Reserve Bank governor Gideon Gono after he threatened to withdraw Standard Chartered and Barclays banks’ licenses over the empowerment laws.

The youthful Zanu PF minister last week said Gono must “resign or kick him out” after the governor said he had to intervene “to avoid fly by-night, reckless and excitable flexing of muscles and decisions that overlook certain fundamentals that could irreparably harm the nerve-center of our recovering economy.”