Minister Says Real Power Is For Zanu PF, MDC Just Administrators

“The set up of the inclusive government does not mean that we surrendered power to MDC-T. Vamwe vanhu vemamwe mapato vari kutio tave panyanga. Ahhh…ini handizvione wani. (Other political parties say they are now at the helm, but I do not see that,” said Mudenge.

“Zanu (PF) is still in control, and will remain in control of the country’s affairs,” said Mudenge, also national secretary for external affairs in the party. He was speaking at Chikarudzo business center at his victory celebrations which were also attended by Information and Publicity Minister Webster Shamhu.

He added that the three most powerful people in the land were the president and two vice-presidents-who all happen to be Zanu (PF). President Mugabe’s deputies are Vice Presidents Joice Mujuru and John Nkomo.

“The inclusive government is mainly concerned with administration of government duties than power sharing,” said Mudenge.

Mudenge said his party would never hand real power to MDC-T leader and now Prime Minister in the power sharing government, Morgan Tsvangirai.