Ministers In Trouble With Loan Shark

Goche and Mushonga are said to among the several politicians who borrowed money from a loan scheme run by a Harare businessman, Buyanga, reportedly wanted by British police on charges of fraud.

The two ministers borrowed amounts ranging from $70 000 to $100 000 from a scheme run by Frank Tawanda Buyanga but failed to repay it.

Goche is the minister of transport and infrastructural development while Misihairabwi –Mushonga is the minister of regional integration and international cooperation.

Over 500 people, including politicians, musicians and businessmen have reportedly lost their houses and residential stands worth millions of dollars to a local businessman running an alleged illegal money-lending scheme.

Police in Harare are also reportedly investigating Buyanga, who is being accused of selling houses and stands belonging to his victims after lending them different amounts of money.

Buyanga, a director of Hamilton Finance, is also being sought by police in the United Kingdom, on charges of conspiracy to fraud.

But Buyanga said he was not wanted by police anywhere in the world.  But Deputy chief police spokesperson Chief Superintendent Oliver Mandipaka said they were still investigating the cases.

“So far our members from the CID are investigating 33 fraud cases, involving houses, committed by the suspect,” he said.

Buyanga claimed his debtors, who included powerful politicians, had connived against him in a bid to avoid repaying their loans.

“These people came to my office voluntarily looking for money and we entered into agreements of sale where I bought their properties in return for cash,” Buyanga said.

“The agreements of sale had options where they could buy back the houses, if they paid back the money within an agreed period which was usually between three and six months. But, if they failed the buy-back option, the property would be forfeited. And this was agreed on.”

Bunyanga is alleged to have started selling some of his clients’ properties before they had settled their debts. 

Some of the houses and residential stands allegedly sold are in such areas as Milton Park, Hatfield, Braeside, Belgravia, Bluff Hill, Borrowdale, Norton, Highlands, Mandara, Glen Lorne, Greendale, Mufakose, Greystone Park and Waterfalls.