Missing Zimbabwe State Security Agent Found Dead

Innocent Makamure had apologised publicly to villagers here for the role he had played in the torture and killing of innocent MDC activists. He said he had gained nothing by his actions.

Makamure had also expressed his intentions to apologise to the chief of the area.

Makamure went missing after these statements.

His dead body was found on Monday afternoon floating in Mwerahari River, after family members intensified searches.

Family members had last week told Radio VOP that they feared Makamure had been killed.

Manicaland Police spokesperson inspector Philip Makomeke said they had not yet received confirmation from police at Murambinda Growth Point that the dead body found was that of Makamure.

“All we have is that Makamure is on our missing persons’ list. I am yet to check whether he is the one who was found dead on Monday,” said Makomeke.

Makomeke said there were  high chances that out of frustration or mental disturbances, Makamure could have committed suicide.

“If someone is highly frustrated or mentally disturbed, there are chances that such a person can commit suicide,” said Makomeke.

Family members who pleaded for anonymity, due to fear of further victimization, said they highly suspected foul play.

“It is unfortunate that these people do not reform. They have killed innocent because he had chosen to tell the truth. He had repented and he wanted to live a free life but they took him and murdered him,” said a family member. “We are all shocked because of his death but after missing him for more than a week, we suspected something terrible had happened. He is gone and we now pray for our safety,” said a the family member.