"Mistress" Has No Rights To Deceased's Assets:SA Legal Expert

South African legal expert Paul Rademan says if a husband has a girlfriend or mistress at the time of his death, the “other” woman has no legal claim to the deceased’s assets.

Rademan’s comments come after the past week’s unpalatable battle between one better known as the mistress Kelly Khumalo and wife Mandisa Meyiwa over the late soccer star Senzo Meyiwa assets.

This caused controversy as to who is entitled to his belongings.

He says the other woman can only claim if there is a child involved.

He says in a case such as Meyiwa’s, Khumalo as the mother can lodge a claim for maintenance on behalf of the child if the is no will making provision for this.

“But she can not claim any money for her self,” he adds.

Rademan says the law in South Africa clearly states that both biological parents must provide for the child.

He states that if there is no will, the deceased estate is automatically divide between the children (both in and out of wedlock) and the wife.