Mixed Reaction After Zim’s Gamu Wins Appeal To Stay In UK

The 19-year-old Gamu currently lives with her two brothers and mother, Nokuthula Ngazana, in Tillicoultry, Clackmannanshire. The family feared they would be sent back to Zimbabwe after a court ruling.Earlier this year, the teenager’s family were refused leave to stay in the UK by the Home Office after a decision passed at the immigration court in Glasgow.

But on Wednesday, the lawyer acting for Gamu’s family Gamu’s welcomed “the first great news they’ve had for months”: that their appeal had been successful.
The Home Office now has five days to appeal against the decision, which was granted in accordance with the family’s right to a private and family life, as set out in the European convention on human rights.

The family’s lawyer, Frances Farrell, said in a statement: “We are delighted to announce that the court has allowed Gamu’s, her brothers’ and her mother’s appeal. If the Home Office accepts the decision of the court, then my clients will be granted leave to remain in the UK.
After the ruling, Facebook fans of Gamu posted messages congratulating the talented teenager.

Lucky Joe Matyora posted on Gamu’s wall: “Just hoping the Home Office wont be that vindictive of the Judgement.”Lucky Nkomazana added on her fan page: “You make your mum proud,u make zimbabwe proud, you make me proud, you make the whole world proud.we love you. Now show the world what your voice can do.”
But some comments were down right racists.Glen Pettifer wrote: “Take a look at the comments on AOL’s page about you staying in the UK.The majority of people
say No To Gamu.The rest are immigrants….personally i think as a White English person you should f**k off back to your own country. England is full.
Duane Rucus Miller was scathing: “As long as she don’t move to catford there’s enough Gamus round here driving around without car insurance and that kind of shit…”

Gordon Banks, the MP for Ochil and South Perthshire, where Gamu is a constituent,  told The Guardian that he was delighted to hear the news.He said: “This is really good news, not only for the family but also for the local community, in which the family played such a vital role.
“It’s particularly pleasing to see that common sense has prevailed and that we have the ability in the UK to take decisions which are morally right.
“I hope the Home Office don’t exercise their right to appeal [against] this decision and that the family will be allowed to get on with their lives and continue to contribute to society.”