Mkoba Teachers' College Political Wrangle

Lecturers who spoke to Radio VOP, said Dube who openly brags to them that she is a Zanu (PF) member and therefore an untouchable, reported the lecturers to the police after she told them they were planning to cause unrest and despondency at the college.

The lecturers, who had boycotted teaching because they want retention allowances, were just quizzed by the police and released without any charges. The lecturers are accusing Dube of corruption for failing to pay the allowances while she is benefitting.

The lecturers are also demanding that Dube be removed from the college for ill-treating workers and maladministration.

“We have written to the Ministry of education demanding that Dube leaves MTC since she is running down the college. We have a memo telling us we will be getting an additional US$100 a month on top of the government meagre salaries to cushion us. However we have received this retention allowance once despite the fact that students are paying for it. We wonder where it is going,” said another lecturer.

“She (principal) thinks she can intimidate us by reporting to the police. She is always bragging about having links with Zanu (PF) but we do not care about that. All we want is to be able to feed our families and work with someone who treats us like mature adults,” said another lecturer fuming with anger.

“I do not speak to the press and I shall not comment,” Dube furiously told Radio VOP who contacted her to respond to the lecturers’ allegations. She immediately switched off her mobile phone after that.

Dube has threatened the lecturers that they will not receive their salaries for boycotting classes. In a letter to the Salary service Bureau, Dube pleaded with the body to cease salaries for the lecturers. Part of the letter in possession of Radio VOP reads, “You are advised that the above named officers have been reporting for duty but sitting in (not performing expected duties) with effect from 28 June to date. Would you please cease salary with immediate effect?”

However the College Lecturer’s Association (Colaz) a body that represents college lecturers said the principal was irking them and they would fight to ensure that the lecturers receive their salaries. The body said the lecturers were entitled to the retention allowances.

The Principal of the primary teacher training college is not new to controversy as she runs the college with a heavy hand. Last year she almost suspended students for being members of ZINASU a student body and early this year threatened lecturers who are members of Colaz with dismissal.