MLF Leaders Hit Back At Chihuri

MLF leaders were responding to reports that Police Commissioner Augustine Chihuri has instructed all his commanders in Matabeleland to monitor the activities of the group and arrest its leaders who have launched a campaign to secede from Zimbabwe claiming that the government has marginalized them for too long since independence in 1980.

“ We expect Chihuri and his Gukurahundists to be deploying resources to solve Mthwakazi’s socio-economic marginalisation instead of threatening to arrest the true representatives of the down throdden Mthwakazians. ”
“ Can they tell us when the state sponsored destruction of Mthwakazi ethnic groups like Tonga, Nambya, Kalanga, Xhosa,

Tswana,Nguni,Sotho,Dhombe, Hlengwe,Thwa, Leya, Jahunda, Shangani and Venda is going to end , ‘’ said the group in a statement to Radio Vop on Thursday.
MLF also called on the government to stop grabbing land in Ndebele regions and giving it to people from outside Matabeleland in a reference to recent invasion and occupation of a ranch owned by farmer Gabby Rossenfells in Plumtree last week.

“ Can they tell us why the people of Mthwakazi cannot enjoy their political, economic, social and cultural rights within the Zimbabwean territory?Those are legitimate questions that all normal Mthwakazians ask everyday and that is why we have dedicated ourselves to pursue our people’s right to self-determination externally. ” added the statement signed by the organization,s secretary for legal affairs, Sabelo Ngwenya who is a lawyer by profession.
He said it was shocking that in Zimbabwe people were being arrested for complaining about oppression, marginalization and discrimination.

“ If there is anybody who has to be arrested, it is Robert

Mugabe, Augustine Chihuri , Perence Shiri, and other genocidists for their vampiric acts of murder, rape and torture otherwise known as the Gukurahundi genocide. ” read part of the statement.