MLF Leaders Still In Police Custody

According to MLF official Sabelo Ngwenya, the women were released last night.Those still in custody are Paul Siwela, John Gazi and Charles Gumbo.
“ We are gravely concerned about the continued detention of the three officials and we urge the international community to speak out against human rights abuses by Mugabe government, ” said Ngwenya in a statement to the media.

Gazi and Gumbo are former Zipra guerrillas while Siwela is a well known businessman in Bulawayo and a prominent politician.

“ These arrests exhibit the regime’s determination to intimidate MLF leaders and the people of Mthwakazi and in so doing derail our historic struggle for self-determination, ” said the MLF statement.

According to MLF Gumbo was arrested at Entumbane while distributing his party campaign material.Siwela and Gazi were picked up from different locations in the city.Gazi served as a Zipra weapons expert during the liberation war and is well respected by war veterans in the country.

MLF was launched in Bulawayo in January this year and says its goal is to liberate the oppressed people of Matabeleland and those in some parts of the Midlands who are part of what it calls Mthwakazi Kingdom.Analysts have warned the government not to underestimate MLF saying the organization is gaining popularity among the people of Matabeleland who have been marginalised by President Robert Mugabe,s government since independence in 1980.