MLF Probes Spies Within

Classified information leaked to one investigative online publication this week linked two MLF leaders both of them former Zipra cadres to the spy agency.According to the leaked information, the CIO recruited one of the MLF officials way back in the 90s when he was serving a death sentence at Khami Security Prison on the outskirts of Bulawayo.

MLF Director of Information, Sabelo Mavikinduku Ngwenya told Radio Vop that his organisation,s security department has started investigating the reports but will not judge the two officials based on what the media reported.

“ Its true we have received that information about spies within our organisation but this is an internal matter and not for public consumption, ” said Ngwenya.Ngwenya also admitted that there were concerns from some members of the party about the two officials when they were elected into the executive.
One of the former Zipra cadre in MLF, Max Mkandla was quick to respond to the allegations after he was mentioned as one of the alleged moles.He denied being a CIO spy and accused members of his party spreading such rumours as “ terrorists.”

“ I want those who say I am a CIO spy to prove it.If they say I am a spy, they too are terrorists because their actions are those of terrorists, ” Mkandla told Radio Vop.He runs an independent war veterans organization, the Zimbabwe Liberators Peace Initiative (ZLPI) which has been shunned by his former Zipra colleagues.

According to the leaked information from CIO files, one of the undercover agents in MLF has promised to deliver the mysterious leader of the secessionist organisation Fidelis Ncube to the CIO dead or alive.Ncube affectionately known by his liberation war name, General Nandinandi lives on a plot in Gaborone.

Sources have told Radio Vop that Ncube, although well protected by his people and Botswana security is closely being monitored by CIO operatives in the city.
Two former police detectives who know one of the MLF alleged CIO moles, said they have read the classified report and everything said about the two officials is true.One of the former detectives is related to the alleged mole.