MLF To Discipline Mkandla Over Flag Burning Comments

MLF spokesman David Magagula told Radio Vop that Mkandla will be required to explain his actions when he appears before the disciplinary committee.

“ We have sent him a letter advising him to appear before the disciplinary committee and explain why he decided to attack the organisation in the media instead of following proper channels, ” Magagula told Radio Vop.

According to Magagula, Mkandla should be organising people in his area to identify and burn Zimbabwean flags they will come across in Matabeleland.Last week Mkandla condemned the burning of the Zimbabwean flag in Johannesburg.Mkandla who is a former Zipra cadre described those who burnt the flag as criminals.

But MLF leaders in Johannesburg have supported the actions of the youths who organised the march and burning of the flag describing it as a symbol of oppression against ethnic minorities in Matabeleland province. MLF has also announced that its leader and former Zipra guerrilla officer Fidelis Ncube who is affectionately known as  General Nandinandi will address supporters in Johannesburg on Saturday.The organisation has been under pressure from supporters to force Ncube to address people in Johannesburg.Ncube is based in Gaborone, Botswana.