Mliswa Arrested After Calling Chihuri Corrupt

Mliswa and Chihuri clashed over a vehicle repairs company Noshio Motors, which the maverick former fitness trainer said he bought majority 51 percent of the company from Hammerskjold Banda. Banda was said to be in partnership with a Paul Westwood who had remained with 49 percent.

Westwood was claiming that Mliswa fraudulently acquired the shares from Banda and made a police report which led to Mliswa’s arrest. He was believed to be detained at the notorious Matapi police station in Mbare. Westwood and Chihuri were said to be close partners in business.

Speaking Monday on his way to the police station on learning that police were looking for him, Mliswa blamed his woes on Chihuri saying Zimbabwe’s top cop was corruptly conniving with Westwood to have him arrested and possibly tortured.

“I am on my to the police station and I know they want to arrest me on the instructions of Chihuri who is the most corrupt police officer in the country. He is promoting corruption in country instead of stopping it. Right now he is being involved with Westwood to have me persecuted just because he is corrupt. They want to take my company after making sure I rot in jail.

“President Mugabe must fire Chihuri because as long as he is at the helm of the police, corruption will never stop in Zimbabwe. He is tarnishing the image of the police through what he is doing. The police here just arrest people for doing nothing and abuse people’s rights through people like Chihuri,” said Mliswa.

Asked if he was not scared of attacking Chihuri given the ruthlessness of his police officers, Mliswa was unrepentant.

 “I’m not afraid of anyone. I fear God only, not Chihuri not any human being. They will arrest me on trumped up charges but they will not kill me. The courts not the police will determine whether I committed a crime or not.

“They are claiming that I was involved in some form of fraud. Two days in custody is not much because after that I will go to court and prove my innocence. I will prove that I am being harassed by Chihuri in connivance with Westwood,” he said.

Police sources said Mliswa is expected to appear in court Wednesday after completion of investigations. It is also understood that he could also face charges of insulting Chihuri.