Mliswa Savages Kasukuwere Over Threats To Seize Farm

By Mlondolozi Ndlovu

Harare, May 11, 2016 – FORMER Zanu PF chair for Mashonaland West Temba Mliswa (pictured) has strongly condemned threats by Local Government Saviour Kasukuwere to seize his farm.

Mliswa is now Youth Advocacy Reform and Democracy (YARD) national coordinator.

Speaking during a Zanu PF women’s league rally in Chikangwe, Hurungwe recently, Kasukuwere said he was ready to take Mliswa head on and further discouraged youths to stop attending YARD events.

YARD is an advocacy youth group founded by Mliswa and aims at mobiling youths for electoral democracy and political participation.

Responding to these threats in Harare on Tuesday, Mliswa said Kasukukwere’s utterances were bad for Zanu PF and were against the promises that the party made to the people.

“Cde Kasukukwere’s statement in repossessing my farm infringe of one’s rights. I am a holder of an offer letter on 99 year lease on a farm given to me by the government not by Zanu PF,” he said.

Mliswa was adamant agriculture was the mainstay of the country’s economy adding that Kasukuwere’s comments went against the current investment spirit in the sector.

“Agriculture as we might all be aware, is key in the growth of the economy; as a result, we are on recovery path and statements like these will not at all be comfortable with any people wanting to invest in this country,” Mliswa said, adding that the country’s hostile investment climate was being poisoned by statements as were made by the Zanu PF political commissar. 

“We are not doing well in terms of production; we are importing almost everything because of the land reform.

“I am a very productive farmer, probably the best productive farmer in Hurungwe. I have taken more maize to the grain marketing board because I believed it was important for the people to ensure food security,” said the outspoken fitness trainer turned politician.

Mliswa, who is among dozens of Zanu PF politicians who were dislodged from the feuding party for allegedly plotting against President Robert Mugabe’s continued leadership, said he was Kasukukwere’s physical trainer and was not bothered by the latter’s “foolish and childish” statements.

“It says a lot in terms of the entire system, in that who is safe with the land, whose money is safe on such land,” Mliswa said.

“We are constantly attacking the banks for not providing collateral to the new farmers, but they are right in saying so because a foolish, childish school boy like Kasukuwere then makes a statements like that.”

Mliswa also directed his attacks on Kasukuwere’s father whom he branded a sellout who had little understanding of the country’s land reform process.

“His father was never part of the struggle, if anything, he was a sellout,” Mliswa said.

“Then someone who was never part of the struggle unilaterally makes a decision to say that my land, which is my birth right, will be repossessed because I am no longer Zanu PF, because I have criticised the government!”

The former Hurungwe West MP went into familiar territory, describing Kasukuwere as gay.

He said as former trainer to Kasukuwere, he was well aware of his gay character and was ready to expose him.

“I used to be Kasukuwere’s personal trainer, he is homosexual,” he said.

“He deals with man and women at the same time for commercial reasons; there is a court case in Mutare involving Mr Brown which in the court records linking him and how he used to partner with in homosexual activities.”

He said that the tiff he was having with his former Zanu PF comrade as personal.

“It’s a personal vendetta that he has on me; I was Kasukuwere’s personal trainer …”

“I quit from being a personal trainer.  I have messages which I will prove; I can’t wait for the court case to take off,” he said, referring to threats once made by Kasukuwere to sue the outspoken politician for calling him gay.

Mliswa further questioned Kasukuwere’s wealth saying he must be investigated for his giant mansion he has built.

“This country is in short of money because of the corruption which is taking its course. We have him building a multi-billion house against an economy like ours, how feasible is that?” he added.


Mliswa also questioned Kasukuwere’s decision to fire Harare town clerk James Mushore saying he did this because Mushore would not agree to corrupt activities.