Mliswa Snatched From Remand Prison

Mliswa was on Thursday granted bail in a case he is accused of fraudulently acquiring shares from a vehicles repairs company but the state evoked the notorious Section 121 of the Criminal Procedure and Evidence Act, which suspended the ruling by the magistrate.

He is therefore supposed to stay in remand prison for seven days while the state considers appealing against the granting of bail.

Just a day after he was sent to remand prison and in typical style, police went to prison in darkness and took Mliswa away saying they wanted to interrogate him on fresh charges.

Mliswa’s arrest has caused a storm in government with two ministers Theresa Makone and Didymus Mutasa coming under attack from police who are accusing the duo of intimidating them to release Mliswa who is also a nephew of Mutasa.

The former fitness trainer claims he is being victimised by police commissioner Augustine Chihuri whom he says is corruptly conniving with one Paul Westwood who owns 50 percent shares in the disputed Noshio Motors Company.

Mliswa is accused of fraudulently acquiring the other 50 percent stake in the company and according to court papers, he bought the shares from Hammerskjold Banda who was in partnership with Westwood.

Westwood, believed to be a close associate of Chihuri, is now arguing that Mliswa’s acquisition of the shares from Banda was fraudulently done and reported the matter to the police.

Said a close family member of Mliswa: “Police went to the remand prison and took him away for further questioning. Actually it turns out that they want to press more charges with the intention of making sure he suffers in jail all for linking Chihuri with corruption.

“They are now looking at the violence that happened during the farm invasions and other makeshift cases. He was questioned for long periods over different cases and was detained at Mbare Police Station.

“These Zanu PF people are now realising that these draconian laws can also be used against them. They now understand how brutal the regime is.”

Mutasa has meanwhile furiously refuted reports that he wanted to influence police officers to release Mliswa saying he only went there to see his son – Martin Mutasa – who was also arrested together with Mliswa.

Mutasa is arguing that Chihuri is abusing the system and his powers to pursue a personal civil matter through criminalising a civil matter.

He said police were now using the same tactics used by Ian Smith to brutalise freedom fighters