Mnangagwa In Angola To Deliver Mugabe's Message

Mugabe has threatened to announce an election date if the Constitution Select Committee (COPAC) does not conclude the constitution drafting process this month.

According to reports from the Angolan state media, Mngangagwa delivered the message from Mugabe to Angolan President Eduardo Dos Santos soon after arrival in Luanda.

However, the message was not disclosed to local media. Dos Santos chairs SADC, which is the guarantor of Zimbabwe’s shaky inclusive government.

Last month, Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai sent Jameson Timba, the Minister of State in the Prime Minister’s Office, to meet Dos Santos and other government officials.

SADC is likely to challenge Mugabe’s insistence to hold elections without reforms as it is contrary to the power sharing agreement that established the inclusive government.

Meanwhile an international business think tank says it is seeing a growing risk of the army stepping in to take control of Zanu (PF_ ahead of elections as the party was facing disintegration.

According to the latest assessment by the Business Monitor International (BMI), there is also growing risk that Zanu (PF) will scuttle the on-going constitution making process.

“The constitution making process is nearing finality,” BMI said. “Completion of this would be a positive step, as it would provide the best context for reasonably free and fair elections, which would follow thereafter. “However, BMI sees growing risks that the ruling Zanu (PF) party will scuttle the process at the final hurdle.”

BMI said Zanu (PF) was a party in a crisis.

The party’s politburo was last week forced to tackle Mugabe’s succession following intensified infighting during elections for district coordinating committees.

“BMI sees a growing risk of the military stepping in to take control of Zanu (PF) to solve the crisis before elections,” the think tank said. “This would be a worrying development for the country as a whole.”

BMI is a data intelligence tool connecting country risk, industry analysis tool connecting country risk, industry analysis and financial markets, assessing global, regional, country and company developments as well as trends worldwide.

Army Chief of Staff General, Martin Chedondo, a fortnight ago said they were not ashamed to openly support Zanu (PF). He urged soldiers to vote for the party, saying they must be grateful for its role in the liberation struggle.