Mnangagwa Masvingo War Vet Allies In U-Turn

MASVINGO – Masvingo War Vets, who have been on record condemning President Robert Mugabe for neglecting them and giving them paltry allowances and at one point described the First Lady as ‘Mainini’ (young lady), made a sudden U-turn and distanced themselves from the scathing communiqué issued two weeks ago saying they are rallying behind the nonagenarian.

Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association issued a statement indicating that they have dumped Mugabe and were rallying behind the embattled Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Masvingo Provincial War Veterans chairperson Tendeukai Chinooneka said they have no association with the origins of the communiqué and vowed that they will support Mugabe to the end.

“We are soldiers of the revolution and as soldiers we always take orders from our commander. Soldiers never disobey orders and if they do, they become rogue and will be dealt with accordingly. Lately, the war veterans have come under the spotlight after the communiqué but, as Masvingo, we distance ourselves from the statement.

“I don’t think that the communiqué originated from war veterans because we are principled; I was not at the meeting in Harare but I am sure that was the resolution of a few individuals and we want to disassociate ourselves from those individuals,” said Chinooneka.

Chinooneka further suggested that to demand Mugabe to leave office for Mnangagwa was day dreaming.

“We have said and will always say that Mnangagwa will take over after Mugabe but not before. So for those who say we are withdrawing our support from Mugabe I say to them go back to sleep and dream again.

“If you look at the communiqué, you will find that it was something planned in time and was only associated with the Harare meeting but in reality there is no such thing. When we have our disgruntlements, we know how to air them to our patron and he listens to us,” said Chinooneka.

The 500 war vets who met in Harare said Mugabe should retire and pave way for Mnangagwa whom they have always supported to take over from the nonagenarian.

They claim that Mugabe has lost control of Zanu PF and has given in to the demands of Generation 40 (G40), a faction which supports First Lady Grace Mugabe to take over.

War veterans also supported the recently expelled Christopher Mutsvangwa and declared that he still remains their national chairperson though he was fired from Zanu PF.