Mnangagwa says Africans must unite and fight the scourge of xenophobia

Zimbabwe President Emmerson Mnangagwa says Africans must be united and fight the scourge of xenophobia.

This follows the looting of shops mostly belonging to foreign nationals in South Africa. Mnangagwa was speaking at the World Economic Forum on Africa in Cape Town on Tuesday.

He says Africans must understand that the world is now integrated.

“We must preach love we must preach that we are one we must preach unity we are brothers and sisters not only in one country but in the region we must move away from the past principle of communities being segregated,” says Mnangagwa.

Meanwhile, participants in the discussion on Delivering the Promise of Mega Projects at the WEF on Africa, believe that better investment in modern infrastructure projects will yield positive results for the continent.

They say the mega projects will also contribute to job creation as the majority of young Africans are unemployed.

African Union representative Amani Abou says, “The size of our economies are small and cannot absorb all of the potential of young people and cannot create large number of employment that is needed. Some studies say Africa needs million jobs per month this is why mega projects are important.”