Mnangagwa Says Unity Govt Is Working Well

Mnangagwa also delivered a letter from President Robert Mugabe to his Angolan counterpart Jose Edardo dos Santos.Mnangagwa spoke to the media about how his country had successfully managed to recover from a near economic collapse before the formation of the unity government in 2008.

According to a statement released by the Angolan government after meeting with vice-president dos Santos Mnangagwa described the political situation in the country as stable, based on an environment produced by the formation of the unity government between Zanu (PF) and the two MDC formations.

Mnangagwa said Mugabe and Prime Minister Morgan were enjoying a good working environment.The Defence minister also said Zimbabwe is working on drafting a new Constitution that will be put before a referendum later this year.The referendum will pave way for elections.Mnangagwa also expressed the wish of the Zimbabwean authorities to have sanctions imposed by western countries lifted.