Mnangagwa Shopping Causes Stir

Business came to a grinding halt as people jostled to take a glimpse at the Minister, who has been widely speculated to be a possible successor to President Robert Mugabe who has ruled Zimbabwe since independence in 1980. Mnangagwa, who was guarded by seven heavily built men ignored the staring crowds and went about his business.

Shoppers who were already in the queue to pay for their groceries paved way for the minister so that he could be served first.

“I was afraid to be in front of him, though I was not ordered to pave way for him,” said a shopper to Radio VOP. “I just thought it was wiser for me to pave way.”

Tsungai supermarket is owned by Edmund Mhere who is Zanu (PF)’s losing candidate for Masvingo central constituency. From the supermarket, Mnangagwa made his way to one of Zimbabwe’s biggest chain of supermarkets, OK to buy airtime for his mobile phone from street vendors outside before driving off.

“It was my first time to see a minister buying such large amounts of groceries,” said another eye witness.

Although till operators refused to divulge the bill paid by Mnangagwa, RadioVOP was informed that the amount paid spilled into thousands of United States dollars.