Modest Gate Charge For Warriors Nations Cup Match

Instead of the US$5 fans paid for the cheapest seat to watch the match against Cape Verde at the National Sports Stadium in November last year, Zifa have decided that the fans pay US$3, the same amount they fork out when watching Castle Lager Premier Soccer League matches.

However, Zifa have upped the fees for the VVIP and the VIP stands. Those wishing to seat on the VVIP stand will have to part away with US$30 from US$20 in the match against Cape Verde while the VIP will draw a charge of US$15.

But the VVIP rarely has paying supporters as most of those who used to pay to seat on the stands have now decided against doing that as they could not find places to sit on with most of the seating places taken away either by VVIP card holders or those with complimentary tickets.

There are no numbered seats at Rufaro Stadium for ticket holders to seat on.

Zifa Chief Executive Officer Jonathan Mashingaidze says they have decided to charge the same fee as for Premier Soccer League matches in order to attract a huge crowd to come all the way and cheer the Warriors to victory.

Mashingaidze said they had done their research which showed that the less the charges the more the greater the attendance.

The Warriors last home match against Cape Verde did not attract a big crowd as the fans resisted the US$5 gate charge which they said was just too much in addition to the transport costs they were also going to incur in the process.

The Warriors need a huge crowd to give them support as they seek to bounce back in contention for a place at the Nations Cup finals having started their campaign badly with two draws and a loss in a group that includes Liberia who has the least points.

Leaders Cape Verde who play Liberia over the weekend have seven points while Mali has six points. Zimbabwe are third on two points, and can move to five should they win against the highly rated Eagles.