Month-End Reprieve For Gweru Rate Payment Defaulters

By Sydney Gokomere

Gweru, September 27, 2016 – THE Gweru City Council has postponed to end of this month, an ultimatum to ratepayers to settle their outstanding bills, failure to which the local authority was going legal action against defaulters.

Early this month, residents were given seven days to pay outstanding amounts or risk water disconnections but council backtracked on the move after facing resistance from residents.

 “Your attention is being directed to the outstanding amount of $781 in respect of municipal services, particulars of which you are therefore given final warning that unless the said amount is paid on or before September 7, 2016, water disconnection will be effected, summons issued and legal proceedings shall be taken for the recovery of this debt together with costs without further notice,” read part of a letter of demand to a resident by council then.

Acting Town Clerk, Edgar Mwedzi on Tuesday said residents should approach council to work out payment plans, failure to which legal action would be taken against those with outstanding bills.

He said the ultimatum had been extended until the end of this month to give ratepayers time to come up with plans on settling their bills.

Gweru United Progressive Residents and Ratepayers Development Association Trust executive director, David Chikore however said council should come up with itemised bills, failure of which residents would fight the proposed legal action.

“We reiterate our stance to the caretaker council that it should make available to all ratepayers on the council’s billing radar, individual itemised bills dating from August 31 2013 to the present so that each ratepayer can authenticate the validity of the components that constitute the debt,” Chikore said.


“Instead of wasting money on the threatened legal action council should use the money in printing the itemised bills.”