‘Most Gweru housing schemes sitting on non-serviced land’

By Tinaani Nyabereka.

GWERU – Chiwundura Member of Parliament (MP) Livingstone Chimina has lamented profiteering by land developers whom he said were ignoring the need to service the land on which they do their developments.

Speaking at a Radio licensing workshop in the city last week, Chimina said a big mistake was made when government allowed free reign on private housing schemes.

“People are blaming Gweru council for developing land without servicing it but the ministry is responsible and we now have some people in Woodlands living in the dumpsite area.

He defended City for Gweru, saying the authority had done much to help people residing on non-serviced land to access some basic services.

“Gweru council had to come in after realising most households did not have access to water. Most of the land developers do not service the land as is the case with Adelaide Park, KMP and Senga housing schemes. We are taking the issue to parliament so that the minister can tell us the way forward on the matter,” said Chimina

Gweru Urban MP, Brian Dube said community radios were an important asset which could help in all related developmental issues.

“A community radio is of importance because it empowers the people and it keeps the society informed thereby giving people the power to make decisions wisely. As a community, you must be aware and know what you want. In terms of participation in decision-making processes, be involved,” said Dube.

Women Coalition of Zimbabwe (WCoZ) Midlands chapter coordinator, Vimbai Nhutsve said more than 10 radios were needed as challenges differed with each community.

“We need more than 10 radio stations. The challenges of Gokwe are not the same as those of Somabhula or Nkayi. It is high time government licenced community radios for the welfare of communities.

“We also call upon the responsible ministry and the board to revise their licensing figures because it’s too much. Why charge $60 000 dollars and not a more reasonable fee,” said Nhutsva.


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