Mother Yearns To Bury Son Four Years After Death

A Movement for democratic Change activist, Moses Chokuda, was allegedly killed in on 22 March 2009 by Farai Machaya son to Jason Machaya, the Midlands governor. Meanwhile Moses’s body remains in the mortuary, four years after his death. The family is demanding justice before burial.

The case which has been before the courts has been postponed many times. The Chokuda family believe the postponement is due to Machaya’s political influence.

Speaking at her homestead at Chipere Kraal Mapfungautsi Constituency in Gokwe, Mrs Chokuda told Radio VOP that she wanted to bury her son to have closure.

“I can’t begin to explain how it feels to have a son in a mortuary for four years. If only the government could intervene and come to my rescue. Maybe if I bury my son, the pain will subside,” she told Radio VOP.

Mrs Chokuda who is visually handicapped added: “Mosy (Moses) was my eye as you can see I am blind. I now do not even know what the future holds. His murderers…are busy enjoying life while…I can’t bury my son.”

Moses’ widow, 20 year old Ruramai Chokuda, said the Zanu (PF) supporters that had killed her husband had caused unbearable pain to the family. She said while in tears that she was struggling to survive as her late husband was the breadwinner in the family.

Moses Father, 46 year Old Tavengwa Chokuda, vowed to Radio VOP that unless justice prevails he shall not bury his son. He said while it is painful for him that his son is still in the mortuary he said those responsible for his death should be held accountable.

“Mosy is fighting his own battles and it is clear he does not want to be buried before the Machayas apologise for taking away his life,” he said.

Radio VOP was unable to get hold of the Machaya family.

Moses Chokuda who was 25, was abducted on March 21 2009 by Farai Machaya, Edmore Gana and his brother who was a soldier and one only identified as Maphosa at Gokwe Centre where he had gone to attend an MDC council meeting.

He was bundled into a Zanu (PF) Midlands province white truck, which was being driven by Gana, who was the Zanu (PF) Midlands province youth secretary.

His body was later found at a nearby bush after two days with signs that he had been brutally attacked. A post mortem report prepared at Gokwe District Hospital also confirmed that, Chokuda, who was a Gokwe district organising secretary, was severely assaulted.