Moyo Fights Back, Sues Mnangagwa, ZimPapers

By Staff Reporter

Harare, November 01, 2016 – EMBATTLED Higher and Tertiary Education Minister, Jonathan Moyo has threatened to sue Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa, officials from the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (Zacc) and the ZimPapers leadership including the stable’s journalists he accuses of being part of a plot to smudge him.

Moyo is in the eye of the storm following corruption allegations linking him to the embezzlement of over $400,000 in funds meant for Zimbabwe Manpower Development (ZimDef) projects.

Since the allegations came out early last month, he has been the target of an intense media focus led by the ZimPapers stable.

But in a strongly worded statement he released Tuesday, Moyo tried to put up a fight against what he claims to be political victimisation by Zanu PF nemesis, Mnangagwa whom he accuses of pursuing a political agenda through manipulation Zacc officials and journalists.

Moyo singles out Zacc head of investigations committee, Goodson Nguni, accusing the controversial Zanu PF apologist of being a willing porn in a Mnangagwa plot to spite him.

He further accuses Zacc of failure to act independent of political forces.

Moyo proceeds to list Nguni, Zacc, Caesar Zwayi (Herald editor), Innocent Madonko (acting Chronicle editor), Mabasa Sasa (Sunday Mail editor), Limukani Ncube (Sunday News editor), Pikirayi Deketeke (CEO ZimPapers), Delma Lupepe (ZimPapers chairman), Ray Goba (acting prosecutor general and board chairman NPA), reporters from ZimPapers who wrote the offending stories, ZimPapers itself and George Charamba, secretary for Media, Information and Broadcasting Services in his suit.

Also cited in the statement are Media, Information and Broadcasting Services Minister Christopher Mushohwe and Mnangagwa himself.

“These patently unlawful appointments are not by accident but are intended to capture state institutions and a further faction political cause by the use of individuals who are not fit and proper persons as willing weapons against perceived political opponents,” Moyo says of his Zacc, journalists and NPA officials.

“In view of these matters, I am taking legal action against NPA.”