MP Accused Of Excessive Sex Demands By Wife

The magistrate, Priscilla Chigumba, presided over the case because all magistrates in Mutare asked to be recused from the matter.

Kanzama, a Zanu (PF) activist, is the MP for Mutare South.

His wife, Joyce Munamati, the Manicaland Provincial Registrar, complained that she had known no peace in her marriage because of Kanzama’s excessive sexual demands.

Kanzama denied the allegations saying he had not had sex with her for the past two years.

Munamati complained that Kanzama assaulted her each time she turned down his sexual demands.

The magistrate ordered the MP not to assault her wife and to stop demanding sex from her. The husband was also ordered not to evict her from the matrimonial house.

Munamati’s lawyer, Johannes Zviuya of Bere Brothers Legal Practitioners, said the MP had subjected his wife to various forms of abuse since their marriage 12 years ago.

“The respondent (Kanzama) has continued with his abuses and the complainant’s affidavit highlights the nature of the abuse,” said Zviuya in the application. “Kanzama is a polygamist who does not ordinarily stay with the complainant since he has two other wives. The respondent treats my client like a slave. He demands sex even when she is not in the mood. He claims that a bed is a place which gives him personal pleasure. When she resists she is threatened and even assaulted.”

Zviuya said his client was a woman of high standing and if such an individual comes out in the open to tell the world what she was going through at the hands of her husband it means she has really suffered because women are generally secretive about such issues.

“It is not easy for a mature woman to come out in the public and divulge this kind of abuse,” Zviuya said. “Women are known to be secretive and they do not raise their armpits unnecessarily but my client has been forced to disclose everything because the abuse is not stopping.”

The lawyer said the MP was also barring her from visiting relatives, friends and even attending church services. The lawyer said her client was in danger of contracting HIV-Aids because the MP was a polygamist who slept with several other women.

Zviuya said the MP had boasted no one will touch her as all the magistrates in Mutare were his “inferiors” who would not dare touch him.

“The respondent boasts that if my client boasts that if my client goes to court no one will touch him saying since he is an MP he can direct anyone to follow his wishes,” said Zviuya.

But through his lawyer, Anesu Bangidza of Manase and Manase, the MP said the allegations were a fabrication meant to embarrass him.

“They are just embarrassing fabrications, creative writing just to get at the respondent. She claims that she is being barred from visiting people and that is a bold statement which has no evidence. There are no medical reports in the applicant’s affidavit which can prove that she was physically abused. There are mere allegations with no facts, no supporting documents and the application should be dismissed,” said Kanzama’s lawyer Bangidza.

The MP’s lawyer claimed Munamati was being dishonesty because Kanzama had not had sex with her for the past two years.