MP advocates for rural communities’ awareness on Covid-19

By Nhau Mangirazi

KARIBA– Zanu PF Proportional Representative for Kariba Hon Christine Nyere has called on rural communities to work harder and ensure that they stay safe against the global pandemic of Coronavirus that has ravaged many parts of the world including western Europe and South Africa.

Speaking during a newly launched program at Hurungwe Community Radio where female Members of Parliament are given the chance to disseminate Convid information, Hon Nyere called on rural women to help out in marginalized communities.

She said, ‘‘I am appealing to all women including those in marginalized communities including from as far as Mola, Negande, Musampakaruma among others. We must make a difference during these hard and trying times internationally. Our health is how we make it through better conditions around us,’

Hon Nyere added that although outlying remote communities may be affected by inaccurate information, staying safe was paramount to any family and community at large.

‘We are using platforms including social media groups but we need to spread accurate information. It is high time that we take this Coronavirus as a serious global health threat to us all. It is no longer an isolated case globally for Zimbabwe as it has claimed one prominent journalist (Zororo Makamba) and its now closer home. We need to step up all efforts that can keep us all safe and far away from overcrowded places. It is our right as women to take the lead,’ she added.

Member of Parliament representing Hurungwe as Proportional Representative Hon Goodlucky Kwaramba also challenged leadership from political divide and churches to fight ‘disinformation’ propped by fake news during the Coronavirus crisis.

Women Aids Support Network (WASN) director Anna Pindukai added her voice that Convid 19 is a health issue of global concern.

‘As countries battle to fight this pandemic that falls under Universal Health Coverage but with precautions that Covid-19 is centered on better hygiene that we must all try to do better for our security as a family, community and nation at large,’ said Pindukai.

She called on communities to be informed with accurate information.

‘Communities need correct and consistent information on all mediums,’ said Pindukai.

Coronavirus is an airborne disease that has claimed several thousands of people worldwide

Among the countries worst affected are Italy, Spain and Germany among others while China also recorded several deaths.

Locally, two cases were officially confirmed which claimed the life of Zororo Makamba.

Neighboring South Africa is on a lock down for the next three weeks after President Cyril Ramaphosa addressed the nation for the second time within a few days.