MP Arrested For Infecting A Journalist With HIV

Ncube belongs to the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) led by Welshman Ncube, he confirmed his arrest to Radio VOP.

“I am still at the station right now and have been charged, but this is the work of Central Intelligence Organization (CIO) trying to fix me, “said Ncube. 

The journalist said that she had tested negative at the start of their relationship back in 2009 but later discovered that she had become infected after which she confronted her lover. She added that “the MP had refused to cooperate and instead insulted her insisting she was just angry because he had decided to end their relationship.”

The legislator’s lawyer Mluweli Ndlovu confirmed the arrest saying he was already working on Ncube’s court papers.

 “He is now in the hands of police and we expect them to bring him to court Wednesday morning,” said Ndlovu.

It is a crime under Zimbabwe laws to deliberately infect someone with HIV virus.

Zimbabwe used to have one of the highest numbers of people infected with HIV/Aids in the world, but the figures decreased recently.

The level of infections has dropped dramatically due to change in sexual behavior because of improved public awareness of Aids deaths and a subsequent fear of contracting the virus.

Other important drivers have been the influence of education programmes that have shifted people’s attitudes towards having multiple concurrent sexual partners in extra-marital, commercial and casual relations and have increased the acceptability of using condoms for casual sex.