MP calls for renewed COVID- 19 fight

By Nhau Mangirazi

Some rural based politicians have called on the nation to renew the Covid 19 fight amid revelations that a third wave is hitting the country.

Josephine Shava a Proportional Representative member of Parliament under Sanyati said it is worrisome to note that despite Covid 19 positive cases increase as reported by the Ministry of Health and Child Care, the general population remains unmoved.

She said, ‘‘We have seen many people attending funeral services where the clergy are not able to control the number of people who come to the service. No one can control wedding guests as these areusually emotional. Numbers are now surpassing the required maximum by over 250 percent. These functions take longer than necessary fueling the risks of infections. We are living in trying times as a nation. We must step up our efforts as united communities and work for Covid 19 awareness. We will soon regret by losing more of our family members, business partners, church mates and traditional leaders as what happened during first wave,’’

Christine Nyere, Proportional Representative MP for Kariba district said although she distributed face masks around outlying rural constituency, it is not enough to fight the global pandemic.

Nyere said, ‘‘As much as I need to attend parliament business, the rural communities is close to my heart. We have tried to keep awareness campaigns on sanitizing, social distancing which remains an uphill task for us as a nation. Besides the economic challenges we are undergoing, I have distributed 200 facemasks at different centers in Kariba rural. These areas include Makande, GacheKache fishing camp, Charara among others. We must work harder with our communities that are unaware of the third wave and its impact on our health sector,’’

She has plans to distribute more of these under Chiefs Msampakaruma, Negande and Mola in Kariba rural.

Nyere added that that in some towns, banks are also a source of suspected ‘breeding zones’ of COVID 19 infections.  

She said, ‘‘We have witnessed how many people are now thronging banks and are overcrowded. It is a major concern for us as well,’’

Mpilo Central Hospital acting chief executive Professor Solwayo Ngwenya, a medical expect warned recently said that Zimbabwe has registered an upsurge of local infections amid indications that its undergoing COVID 19 third wave.

Load to health

He said the current situation is likely to be a load to nation public health delivery system, calling on the public adheres to World Health Organization guidelines.

Ngwenya was quoted as saying, ‘‘Covid 19 third wave is here and is building up faster than we can imagine. While it may seem like it is under control, the virus is spreading at an alarming rate in communities that have become complacent and no longer adhere to WHO guidelines,’’

Health ministry daily updates indicate that new infections averaged about 22 cases in late March but the figure has increased to 79 cases and with the cases continuing to rise.

Of late schools have been breeding zones of the new cases with some recording more than 100 cases each.

Ngwenya believes the situation will be out of control soon.

He added, ‘‘The situation in schools is difficult. If we wait for that month when schools close, the infection and viral spread will be out of control. If indeed there are infections, they should close down the schools. ‘‘However, the major worry is that the students will take the virus into the community. It is not achievable to try and contain the situation within schools. Schools are always going to be super spreaders, the government was warned,’’