MP’s Parents Receive Death Threat

Bhasikiti who was riled by the death of his aide Nhamo Machacha Munechi openly told the people at Neshuro Growth Point on Wednesday that he was going to revenge and kill all those he suspects to have influenced the murder of his assistant.

He said his prime suspects are Matutu’s parents.

RadioVOP was informed that Bhasikiti later sent four Zanu (PF) youth to Matutu’s homestead in ward 2, who informed the legislator’s parents that their days were numbered.

Matutu said he will never take the threat lightly.

“Look, I have my parents down there and they are already living in fear because of his death threat. You never know what will happen to
them because some of the youths from Zanu PF are known killers.With the influence from an MP, anything is possible. I have since
filed a report with the police and I am ready to take him to court. I am instructing my law firm to sue him,” said Matutu.

Matutu is a practicing lawyer with Matutu and Kwiririra legal practitioners.

However, Bhasikiti said Matutu was supposed to apologise for the death of his aide rather than to ‘further insult the bereaved’.

“I am the bereaved and Matutu must apologise to me rather than insulting me. We know the murder was a calculated move by MDC.

“I will not be stopped to tell people that the Matutus must be answerable for Nhamo’s death. Whether its Bhasikiti or Zanu (PF), I know
one day we shall revenge,” said Bhasikiti.

Nhamo was killed by a 15 year old boy in revenge for his father who was murdered by Zanu (PF) youth during the 2008 elections last week.