Mpofu Evicts Mail Staff

Mpofu was accompanied by his aides and bouncers.

Mpofu owns the building housing The Mail Bulawayo Bureau offices.

 Radio VOP has it in authority that Mpofu has been having a fight with The Mail bosses over non payment of rent for the Bulawayo offices.

The Mail shut down its Harare head offices in August hardly five months after its launch but the Bulawayo offices were still open with employees reporting for duty everyday. 

When Radio VOP visited the building on Saturday night a notice had been put on the main gate that reads: “Sorry this building is closed and anybody with a problem should report to York House along 8th Avenue.” York is another building owned by Mpofu in the city.

When contacted Minister Mpofu said: “Why are they rushing to you? That building is mine they know their problem they should came and talk to me.”

One of  The Mail employees who is part of those evicted by Mpofu said: “We don’t know what is happening, the Minister just came to evict us, we are also shocked.” 

There has been speculation over the newspaper’s ownership as controversial businessmen John Brednkamp , Billy Rautenbach and Nicolas Van Hoogstraten have been linked to the newspaper.

The paper has also been linked to  Mpofu and Indigenisation and Economic empowerment counterpart, Saviour Kasukuwere.

The Mail was licensed early last year together with The Daily news which was banned in 2003 when Professor Jonathan Moyo was still Minister of Information.