MP’s Family Lashes Zanu PF Over Neglecting Huruva

Huruva who was involved in a road accident while traveling to Harare was briefly admitted at the Harare’s West End clinic before the family took him to South Africa where he is still in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

What irks the family members worst was the fact that despite Huruva holding a very powerful provincial party position, no single Zanu PF member ever bothered to either phone or visits their troubled member.

“They are just silent, never bothered to ask us whether our father is getting better or worse. It really shows their lack of concern, selfishness and lack of unity. I am sure there is no one member from Zanu PF really knows where my father is being treated,” said a lady who claims to be Huruva’s daughter. She however, preferred anonymity due to ‘the nature of the story’.

“It’s pathetic that my father’s supposed friends from politics have just decided to dump him at a time when he really needs them most,” she added.

Huruva is reported to have suffered serious internal injuries with some medical reports said to have confirmed some fractures of his ribs.

But Zanu PF provincial chairman Lovemore Matuke refused to comment on the issue saying the media has nothing to do with people’s private lives.

“You should be looking for other stories than this one… I think it’s not good to write about private lives,” said Matuke.