MSU students cry foul over maladministration,blame compromised SRC

By Tafadzwa Muranganwa

Students at the Midlands State University (MSU) have bemoaned the deteriorating environment at the tertiary   institution  .

According to the Zinasu Midlands ,vice chairman ,  Liam  Takura  Kanhenga, the administration at the Midlands State University   leaves  a lot to be desired in regards to improvement of students welfare.

“At MSU we have had long standing problems of inequality ,  insecurity and inefficiency  . This is reflected   in the   services or facilities we get from   the institution,for example ,we have  furniture shortage and also some of it is substandard,” bemoaned  Kanhenga.

The Zinasu Midlands  vice chairman said   the rot at the institution has been exacerbated by lack of a legitimate Student Representative Council(SRC).

“All these problems amounts to lack of representation of the students and there is a deliberate ploy by the administration to foil   the elections of a  legitimate Students Representative Council,” added  the Zinasu Midlands vice chairman.

Last year the MSU administration stalled the SRC elections citing alleged security breach.

The current interim SRC is believed to be enjoying privileges while being lame on   representing students’ affairs.

“The interim SRC is being pampered with benefits like not paying fees and hence it is incapacitated to fight our cause,” said the student activist Liam  Takura  Kanhenga.

According to a student at the institution who requested anonymity there were allegations of soldiers   beating up students at the campus which the administration  have ignored.

“We have soldiers who roam the campus and sometimes have the audacity to enter halls of residence beating up students and the administration has been mum over the issue,” he said .

Meanwhile, the students petitioned the administration on Tuesday  and  the authorities at the institution have agreed to meet over the sticking issues on Monday  but according to Zinasu they have not expressed interest in ensuring that an SRC election be conducted expeditiously.

Efforts to get a comment from the university’s authorities hit   a snag.

The Zimbabwe National Students Union(Zinasu) is condemning the stifling of student activism on the background of the recent arrests of student leaders at  at Lupane State University and  Great Zimbabwe University (GZU).