Mtukudzi Still In Pain

It is now about a month after the death of his son, but he is certainly struggling to cope.

This was apparent during a recent show held at Mverechena Hotel in Domboshava, just outside Harare.

The 58-year-old music superstar could be seen dropping tears as some of his legion of fans offered their condolences at the show over the loss of his son.

 “It’s painful and it’s not the pain that you can wish away, it’s the pain that will always be with you,” said Mtukudzi with eyes full of tears.

The music superstar had invested so much in his son’s career hoping that he will take over after him but all was robbed by death in the
fatal accident that also claimed the life of Sam’s friend, Owen Chimhare.
Some in Mtukudzi’s musical camp told Radio VOP that he seems to be losing interest in music and now prefers to play more with his son’s AY band than his own Black Spirits.

His next show with his Black Spirits will only be on 21 May in Harare, there after he will not take to the stage until the month of

His manager Sam Mataure acknowledged that the death of Sam affected the superstar.

“He is trying hard, he is doing well but yes it was a big blow,” said Mataure.

At 58, Mtukudzi is considered old enough to take anything in, but not with the death of his son. No matter how much he tries hard to put a brave show, he certainly has something is dying inside.

Meanwhile a memorial service for his son takes place on Saturday at Pakare Paye Arts Centre.