Muchinguri’s PhD to Chronicle Women Abuse during the Struggle

Muchinguri said this while addressing a group of women who were raped during the 2008 elections in Harare. The women will tell their experiences to the public at a sexual violence and peace conference to be held in Harare this week.

“What i want to tell you about are things that happened a long time ago. No-one has written about it and i am looking forward to doing it next year. I will try and trace the experiences i saw during the war of liberation while i was in Mozambique and what i experienced,” said Muchinguri who is seen as a walking encyclopedia of the country’s war of liberation.

“We used to stay in several bases. That time (Ian) Smith used to send Selous scouts whose job was to harrass women and rape them. Rape was a tool that was used to chase women away from the frontline. In politics rape is used as a weapon to weaken women.”

Muchinguri is believed to have been present when the late celebrated liberation war commander Josiah Magama Tongogara died in a mysterious car bomb in Zambia.

Muchinguri has tried to write the war history from a female perspective in the past but her manuscripts were destroyed.

“I have written books about it before and the scripts were destroyed but i still have it in my mind and i will continue writing about it because the liberation war history will not be complete without that narrative, like i said, i am working on my PhD and that’s the issue i
am concentrating on.

“I am documenting the role that women played in the war of liberation and the challenges that they faced. War was not an easy thing, it was not a party, the women who fought the war were
brave,” she said.

Women who have tried to tell their experiences during the war in the past have often been harassed and frightened and stopped from doing so. A film called Flame made in the 1990s documenting women’s experiences during the war was banned from showing in the country.