Mudede Bans Voters’ Roll Audit Meeting

Harare, July 17, 2013 – A Zimbabwean court on Wednesday banned a local respected think tank from launching and publicising its analysis of the shambolic roll of registered voters.


The Research and Advocacy Unit (RAU) intended to launch an analysis of the voters’ roll at Crowne Plaza Hotel in Harare on Wednesday morning after auditing the voters’ roll.

But Tobaiwa Mudede, the Registrar-General of Voters blocked the launch after he filed an urgent chamber application in the High Court on Tuesday seeking an order to interdict RAU from launching its analysis of the voters’ roll, which was granted Wednesday morning by Justice Joseph Mafusire.

In his urgent chamber application, Mudede argued that RAU was trying to assume powers which the Constitution gives to his office and intended to cause chaos and anarchy within the country’s electoral system.

Political parties in Zimbabwe among them Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s Movement for Democratic Change have protested that the voters’ roll is so full of errors which aids vote rigging during elections.

It is feared that the forthcoming elections might produce a disputed result as the register of voters is still shambolic.


Besides containing dead voters, the country’s voters’ roll has been known to be riddled with ghost voters, double entries and just about any kind of false entry that can be imagined.