Mudenge Held Hostage In Masvingo

The youths, believed to be aligned to the Mujuru faction, locked Mudenge in the Chief’s hall where the Masvingo District Coordinating Committee (DCC) elections were being held.

Riot police led by Chief Superintendent Mavhenjengwa of Masvingo Central came to Mudenge’s rescue after the Mujuru faction and the one that belongs to Emmerson Mnangagwa locked horns over the elections.

Mudenge was accused of imposing candidates after he insisted on holding the elections without those from the Mujuru camp. The Mujuru faction alleged that it had been agreed that the DCC elections would be suspended for some time to allow the leadership to agree on a number of outstanding issues.

Police rescued Mudenge, who is aligned to the rival faction, after the youths threatened to beat him.

“We know these youths were sent by our detractors but we are going to deal with them accordingly,” said Mudenge.

Trust Mugabe was endorsed as the Masvingo DCC chairman but Dzikamai Mavhaire, who belongs to the Mujuru camp, rubbished the whole process saying it was a joke.

“I think Mudenge was joking, he has now completely lost focus – in as far as I know, there are no elections held for Masvingo DCC,” said Mavhaire.