Mugabe Ashamed Of HIV Government Officials

“We are ashamed that even in government there are some officials who are promiscuous,” said Mugabe who was addressing a National HIV and AIDS conference. “There are some who are having one women after the other and that is not going to take the country anywhere. Is it because of the custom of men having as many wives as they want…that make them not satisfied with one woman? They run from one woman to another even if they are HIV positive but they are not afraid to spread the disease.”

Zvinotonyadzisa, totoshaya kuti tinonyarira kupi,” (We are ashamed of such people) President Mugabe said while diverting from his prepared speech.

Mugabe challenged Zimbabwean males to be tested for HIV.

He said very few men accompanied their pregnant wives for antenatal care. He said when these women test HIV positive, they are blamed by their husbands for spreading the disease and sometimes they are abandoned or are subjected to violence.

He said government encouraged couples to support each other whatever the outcome of their test results.

Zimbabwe is one of the few countries which have done well in the management of HIV and AIDS.The country has reduced its HIV prevalence from over 26% in 1997 to 14,2% to date despite challenges in funding AIDS programmes.

The four day 2nd National HIV and AIDS conference which has attracted hundreds of international AIDS Health delegates is aimed at mapping the way forward for managing the country’s AIDS programmes.