Mugabe being misled, says Mayor

“When I told the President that the water levels in Harare were at crisis levels he was shocked,” Masunda told businessmen gathered in Harare.
“I told him that there was a serious water crisis and that the City of Harare was facing a major cholera threat because the water was not being treated using enough chemicals. He was shocked and said he would look into the issue.”
Masunda said he had told this to President Mugabe at the Zimbabwe versus Brazil friendly football game at Rufaro Stadium before the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.
“Mugabe said he thought the water situation had returned to normal but I told him that we are in serious trouble and a lot of investment is needed in the water sector of Harare,” he said.
Masunda said officials did not tell the President the truth for fear of losing their jobs in government. “I am a lawyer and came here because I was asked to come here,” an angry Masunda said.
“I am a professional and do not care what politicians think about me. If I am not happy here at Town House then I will quit and return to my legal profession at the Chambers.
“In fact I earn more money per hour than I am currently being paid by the City of Harare,” Masunda revealed.