Mugabe Belongs To The Past: Tsvangirai

Addressing over five hundred delegates attending the Zimbabwe Trade and Investment Conference in Fourways Johannesburg, Tsvangirai said,  “the old man is preoccupied with the past” and jokingly said “i enjoy my history lessons with him”.

In his address Tsvangirai left delegates with more reasons not to invest in the country as he described how Harare regime’s political leadership has in the past four years has either pursued policies that seek power transfer or power retention.

The power transfer and retention project has chiefly been experienced in the controversial indigenisation and empowerment laws where Zanu PF has sought to lure voters by coercing citizens to align with them in exchange of lucrative shares.

Tsvangirai lamented policy unpredictability and inconsistency in Harare’s coalition government stating that this has been the major issue that has scared investors away from Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe’s Premier also described the controversial diamond sales as a potential avenue that could rescue the frail economy with over seventy percent of its population surviving through the informal sector.

Addressing the importance of policy consistency and respect of private property Tsvangirai said, “ Zimbabwe can attain high level  of growth if the country comply with best international practices”.

On indigenisation Tsvangirai accused his ‘coalition partners’ of pursuing policies that seek to empower thin top elite while compromising lives of more than ten million of its citizens.
Tsvangirai also encouraged the country’s political leadership to adopt a policy that is not vindictive but that accommodate different views.

The Trade and Investment Conference being held in Johannesburg is spearheaded by the Minister of Economic Planning and Investment Promotion, Tapiwa Mashakada.