Mugabe Blasts 'Bloody Vampires' West For Attacking Libya

Gaddafi has been under fierce attack from the Western countries that include the United States, Briatin and France after the Libyan leader attacked unarmed civilians who were demonstrating peacefully for him to step down. Mugabe said he regretted the decision by the Arab league to support the no-fly zone which was enforced by the United Nations Security Council last week.

“There is no reneging on the resolution anymore, it’s there, it’s a mistake we made…we should have never given the West (the go ahead) knowing their bloody vampires of the past all this room to go for our people in Africa and try to displace a regime. The West has been in the same hypocritical way as before. They interpreted it to mean permission under it to bombard any places of their own choice in Libya,” Mugabe said at the State House following his meeting with a Chinese delegation led by Vice premier, Wang Qoshan.

The Chinese and Zimbabwe signed over US$ 700 million worth of loan agreements in agriculture, water and sewer treatment infrastructure, mining and to improve the health systems in the country.

Mugabe said the West wanted to remove Gaddafi so that they take over oil from the country for their economies and industry in the same manner they attacked Iraq’s Saddam Hussein regime.

Gaddafi has regained a number of towns and cities that had been taken over by the rebels who have been opposing his iron fist rule since 1969 when he took over after a coup. The former army captain said he will fight until the last man and will not surrender to the Western forces.

The Arab league supported the U.N. Security Council resolution last week that paved the way for Western action to stop Gaddafi killing civilians as he fights an uprising against his 41-year rule.