Mugabe Blasts Foreign Investors

“They (West) want to find ways of controlling us and that should never be allowed in an independent Zimbabwe. It’s never allowed in many independent countries and in their own countries anyway,” Mugabe said.

“So let them stay away. Our true friends are eager to come,” he said.

Zimbabwe enacted indigenisation laws which forces foreign owned firms with capital of more than US 500 000 dollars to cede at least 51 percent ownership to locals.

Mugabe was speaking at the burial of his party’s deputy secretary, Ephraim Masawi. Both Prime Minister, Morgan Tsvangirai and and his deputy Arthur Mutambara snubbed the burial. The two had been complaining that Mugabe and his Zanu (PF)’s politburo were still presiding the choosing of national heroes.

The MDC said the debate around the conferment of national hero status should be by all parties in government.

“Why should they be consulted? Who are they to be consulted?” Zanu (PF) party spokesperson Rugare Gumbo said when he was asked by journalists on his party’s reaction to the MDC’s conspicuous absence.

“We are not concerned at all because they don’t seem to understand what interring a hero is all about.”

“They don’t have the history, the consciousness to appreciate and to understand. There are certain things that you do in life as a politician not because you like it but because it is necessary and a national duty to do it,” he said.

Mugabe said the national heroes’ acre was for the people who fought in the liberation war before independence.

“This place we want to explain in detail. It is a place for those who fought in the struggle to fight for this country in the liberation struggle,” Mugabe said in his local Shona language.
“When we fought for this country, these guys were students. When we came in 1980 they were students, high school students for that matter. How do you consult someone who
was at that level?”

Last month Mugabe’s Zanu (PF) politburo denied the late MDC co-founder Gibson Sibanda a national heroes status but said the state will assist the Sibanda family in burial expenses.

Mugabe said the West disliked his unity government with Tsvangirai which was formed almost two years ago after years of political tension and economic difficulties.

“Our enemies and detractors are fighting day and night to destroy our national unity. They just dislike our inclusive government. They do not want to see us exercise our autonomy and sovereignty but want to dictate to us how we should govern ourselves,” Mugabe said.

Mugabe repeated his famous cliche that ‘Zimbabwe will never be a colony again.’ The 86 year old ruler said young Zimbabweans are more interested in working for the white man, other than for the white man to work for them.

“Working as CEOs (Chief Executive Officers) in white man’s enterprises whether it is Anglo-America or Rio Tinto or any other enterprise…is old fashioned, it’s antiquated. You have been born again in 1980, you are now the masters and those who made you CEOs must now become your CEOs,” Mugabe said.

“Some would say we will lose investment. Which investment? If people don’t want to come on those terms then let them stay out, they are not good for us. They are just not good for us, those who want to come on terms to dominate us, to have major shareholding in our resources.”