Mugabe Buys Chiefs' Loyalty

About 20 chiefs were all so spoiled with US 300 each as per diem for the three days they attended the workshop.

Other chiefs suspected to be loyal to the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) party were left out, sources said.

The sources said Mugabe’s henchmen also used the opportunity to buy chiefs’ loyalty while promising them new cars ahead of elections which Mugabe said may be held next year.

The function was also seen as a counter to MDC president Morgan Tsvangirai’s drought assessment tour held three weeks ago.

Zanu PF provincial chairman, Lovemore Matuke, as well as other party stalwarts like Education Minister and Politiburo member, Stan Mudenge, senator Josiah Hungwe, politburo member Dzikamai Mavhaire, addressed the chiefs.

“They were being in-doctrinated while being thanked for a job well-done. They were also promised more incentives, but told to maintain a grip on the rural populace,” said a source who attended the function.

Radio VOP witnessed the chiefs feasting while also drinking expensive wines at a local hotel on a Zanu PF account.

“Mugabe is good, Hey, I had never slept in a hotel. It has also been long since I drank this beer,” bragged one visibly drunk chief ordering double tots of Johnny Walker whisky.

Traditional chiefs have been very instrumental in Mugabe’s victory in previous elections as they drummed up support for him by force, threatening villagers with expulsions and violence.