Mugabe Calls For Peace Amid Violence

The violence happened in full view of the police who did nothing. The two were saved by two unknown men suspected to be members of the central intelligence office.

The two Glen view Ward 30 Councillor Victor Chifodya of the Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai led MDC and  Henry Chimbiri of the professor Welshmen Ncube led MDC Mashonaland Central provincial chair, suffered head injuries after they were badly beaten up by a mob of Zanu (PF) youths.

The mob was singing revolutionary songs and denouncing Tsvangirai while brutalising the two.

Chifodya and Chimbiri were rescued by some unknown members of the Central Intelligence organisation who manhandled them out of the commotion while the police were watching.

Chimbiri who was also filming the proceedings of the event had his video camera taken by the rowdy Zanu (PF) youths who demanded the footage.

When journalists rushed to capture the commotion some police officers threatened to take their cameras.

An ambulance was later called to take the injured MDC officials to hospital for medical attention.

Tsvangirai’s spokesperson, Luke Tamborinyoka, confirmed the attack.

“As we forge ahead let us continue to exert our energy in fostering unity, peace, development and equality of opportunity of all our people,” said Mugabe. “Rather than amplifying our differences, let us find strength in diversity guided by the firm conviction that we are the sole guardians of our independence and sovereignty.”

“I therefore wish to urge as Members of Parliament and leaders in your role to preach the message of national healing and reconciliation amongst our people. Let us therefore in unison say no to violence in all its manifestation,” he said.

Mugabe also talked about the controversial indigenisation police assuring investors that their investments will remain safe in Zimbabwe.

“I wish to assure investors that their investments in the country remain safe and urge them to comply with the indigenisation regulations. As the implementation of the Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment Policy continues to gather momentum, government looks forward to full cooperation by all relevant corporation stakeholders in order to achieve win-win outcomes,” he said.

He also hinted on the country’s foreign policy with regards to the on-going political party talks aimed at fully seeing the implementation of the GPA.

“Our foreign policy continues to be anchored on the need to safeguard our hard won independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity. These principles as well as our quest for peace, stability and economic prosperity underpin our relations in SADC and beyond,” he said.

Mugabe also took the opportunity to thank the security and defence forces who have been accused of siding with his Zanu (PF) party in the past elections.

“The country commends the security and defence forces for continuing to guarantee peace and tranquility within our borders. We continue to call for the outright removal of sanctions which are an impediment to our efforts to turn around the economy and improve the livelihood of our people,” said Mugabe.